Behind Binôme Atelier are us, Sara and Yessica.

“Our collaboration not only allows us to share skills, knowledge and perspectives, but we learn and grow together as artists.”

With such disparate origins, our artistic meeting, although unlikely, was instantaneous and natural. We have grown together, both humanly and artistically, as well as our ideas and dreams that we have been able to see develop and come true thanks to a common horizon: Binôme. Now we also want to share this experience and make Binôme a representation of the authenticity and multiple identities of our audience, producing authentic, responsible and versatile pieces that are made possible by diversification and the invention of new creative processes.

Sara, both French and Spanish, has seen her grow up in about four countries before settling in Madrid to study product design at the European University of Madrid where she discovered and became passionate about jewelry. Therefore, he decided to continue training as a goldsmith at the Madrid Jewelers' Guild school. After having worked with prominent jewelers and designers, it was with Yessica that he created his own brand and workshop in the center of Lavapiès.

Yessica, a Chilean jeweler raised in Switzerland, had her first encounter with the world of jewelry 15 years ago. Coming from a jewelry family, with jewelry studies in Chile and Switzerland, he has dedicated several years to imparting his knowledge and promoting the art of jewelry. In 2019 he moved to Madrid to embark on a new personal and professional stage. On the emblematic Montera Street, she found a small jewelry workshop where she continued to develop her passion for the craft and after the pandemic she decided to embark on the most ambitious and special project: to form with Sara a unique space where signature jewelry converges with craftsmanship. and “slow design”.