Our shop-workshop is located in the heart of Madrid, a place where a common dream materialized: a space where we can explore our creativity and exhibit the essence of our artisan work.

We are inspired by the imperfection of nature, incorporating ancestral techniques and elements that capture the artisanal essence in each of our creations. Using techniques such as clay casting or wax modeling we give a distinctive seal that marks the aesthetics of Binôme Atelier.

Imperfect, porous and rough, our artistic project is based on an instinctive and spontaneous creative process marked by respect for materials and components. Always secondary, the purpose of our creations is the reflection of a unique production and a commitment to the world of craftsmanship and slow-design. Breaking the codes of binary, our jewelry plays with the limits of aesthetics and gender.

Of raw, porous and imperfect essence but at the same time minimalist and soft. Each piece is a manifestation of our creative process that combines knowledge and intuition in perfect harmony.